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Are you looking for Modular Counter Display for Tobacco shop?

Have you got a Tobacco Shop? This page is for you! Arrange your shopís surfaces with Mister Winnerís Modular Counter Display by Pop Filters! Structures for Scratch Cards and Lottery Tickets that let you: Arrange

  • neatly tickets
  • Give order and optimaze the space inside your shop
  • Protect scratch cards and lottery tickets from theft
  • Let players Self-service, an important aspect for those players who belive in fate
Mister Winnerís structures are made of plexiglass. You can choose between a lot of modular counter dispayes that deliver from 1 to 30 tickets!

Come on! Discover all the Modular Counter Displayes on the Pop Filters dedicated page.

And for More Information, Call 050-700150 .