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Grinder card in harmonic steel with grater-like holes and laser cut PoP Logo. Small, thin, available both in silver and gold colour versions, the Grinder is the new PoP Gadget destined to become the m...
Availability: 50
€ 25.20 + IVA
Metal table ahstray with PoP Filters Logo. In a squared shape with rounded corners and a shiny coating, it has the 4 cigarette notches large enough to accommodate a Slim size rolling paper booklet, wh...
Availability: 50
€ 10.00 + IVA
Metal rolling tray printed with the classic PoP design, size 27,5x17,5x2,5 cm. A new useful accessory for all smokers of handmade cigarettes where they can arrange everything, from the rolling paper l...
Availability: 50
€ 12.00 + IVA
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