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Scratch Cardsí Counter Display for Tobacconists

Modular structures for your tobacconist.

Have you got a Tobacco Shop and do not you know how to better manage the space of your exercise because of the growing number of instant lottery?

Mister Winnerís Counter Display by Pop Filters for Scratch Cards and Lottery Tickets is what you need!

The different modular structures perfectly match the unused surfaces of your shop, so that you can:

  • Arrange neatly lottery tickets and scratch cards;
  • Give order and optimaze the space inside you tabacconist;
  • Protect scratch cards from theft;
  • Let players Self-service; this is an important aspect for those players who belive in fate.

Mister Winnerís structures are made with plexiglass. You can choose between a lot of counter dispayes that deliver from 1 to 30 tickets!

Save your shopís space with Mister Winner! Discover all the Counter Displayes on the Pop Filters dedicated page.

For More Information:050-700150